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How to clear the civil service examinations? | Blog

How to clear the civil service examinations?

Oct 4, 2020 - 4 min read

The people who will clear preliminary exams will be allowed to attend main examinations and then those who will pass mains examination will be allowed to attend interview section. 

More than 9 lakes candidate appear for the exam of UPSC CSE every Year, but only 1000 will be selected for 24 services of UPSC. The top few hundred candidates are selected as an IAS.

To clear civil service, examination or an IAS exam candidates are advised that they should have a good strategy from beginning. Many candidates take 10 to 12 months of preparation before examination date, but it is not possible for everyone that is why you should start preparing after you higher secondary education till your graduation gets completed.

IAS Toppers are considered the best minds in the country and there is some unique quality in each IAS topper which distinct the topper from the crowd. In the following article, we have tried to decipher 8 qualities which are common in all IAS toppers and how an IAS aspirant should embrace these qualities in their own lives.

UPSC Tips 

1. How to read the India year book for IAS exam?

India year book is the most comprehensive form of current affairs in India and hence the significance of reading it for IAS Exam has increased tremendously over the past few years. Here, we have tried to decode a unique tactic to study the India Year Book 2017.

2. How to prepare for the last attempt of IAS Exam?

Last attempt of the IAS Exam is the most crucial thing in life. The candidates should follow the right approach and should work out on old mistakes.

3. Top IAS Interview Questions Asked Ever by UPSC Panel their Answer?

IAS Interview is the most critical part of the IAS Exam process. It can help to get best services and also can be a deterrent in the final selection. IAS Prelims and Main examinations are conducted to test candidates’ academic and general awareness with regards to a diverse range of topics; on the other hand, IAS Interview test the personality and temperament of the Civil Services candidate.

4. Last 50 Days Tips to crack IAS Prelims Exam?

IAS prelims preparation requires in-depth consolidation of subject knowledge and current affairs, so the last 50 days strategy for each subject of the IAS Prelims syllabus should be to revise and re-revise. Hence, here we have deduced a planned 50 days strategy to clear the IAS Prelims Exam .

5. IAS Prelims  : Strategy of IAS Toppers?

IAS Topper’s strategy often serves as an effective blueprint to clear IAS exam for the IAS aspirants. IAS aspirants should focus on important books for IAS exam keeping in mind the feedback provided by various IAS Toppers. Hence, we provide the latest and the most inspiring strategies followed by IAS toppers for IAS exam.

6. IAS Exam : How to get selected?

Ias officers are not made in a day; it takes a load full of perseverance, determination and will power to reach the height of a civil servant. Hence, we provide an in-depth analysis on each and aspect of becoming an ias officer from the first step of realising the dream to finally accomplishing it.

7. Most Important Books for IAS Exam?

IAS Toppers are often regarded as role models by aspiring IAS Exam candidates and it is extremely important for IAS aspirants to acquaint themselves with the books, sources and study material followed by IAS Toppers. Hence, we provide latest, most important and scoring books/sources list referred by IAS Toppers for IAS Exam.

8. Top 5 points that need to be considered before starting IAS Preparation?

IAS Preparation is a long term process. It is a long term affair of more than one year and it requires full dedication and constant motivation. To maintain constant motivation for such a long time, it is very important that the objective behind the IAS preparation is rock solid and internalized by the IAS aspirant.

9.Best Recommended Books for IAS Mains GS Paper 3?

For IAS Mains Exam, each topic has to be prepared separately from diverse study material and in doing so aspirants should be well aware of all the available and viable sources. Hence, in order to avoid confusion, here we have recommended best books for IAS Mains general studies paper 3.

10. How to prepare for IAS with Engineering?

Owing to the recent trends in IAS Exam where immense success is gained by aspirants with technical background at a very young age, it’s advisable to start with the IAS preparation in graduation itself, especially if you are in an engineering college. Here, we provide some attractive tips on how to study for IAS while doing engineering.

11. Top 10 ways to boost your memory for IAS Exam?

As per a study, the human mind is more inclined to retain information and data presented in graphical or visual form compared to plain text format. Put simply, it means that the as an IAS aspirant, you are more likely to remember a diagram explaining the working of an internal combustion engine rather than a paragraph. Similarly, watching a documentary on Mughal Era rule in India would be far more beneficial compared to reading a book of 500 pages. Therefore, in order to cover the extensive subjective and general syllabus for IAS exam, candidates must depend more upon graphs, charts and audio-visual content compared to plain text notes.

12. Most important terms as asked in the IAS Main Exam?

It is very important to understand the standard terms through which the questions generally asked in IAS Mains Exam. During IAS Preparation, the IAS aspirants must have clear understanding of such terms so that they can write their answer in the manner in which the examinee has asked the questions.

13. How to prepare for IAS Exam with a full-time job?

Taking on the toughest exam in the world is an insurmountable challenge for many, but taking on the IAS Exam while pursuing a full-time job is a completely different ball game. If you are also planning to appear for the IAS Exam with a full-time job, the following tips and tricks surely help you crack UPSC Civil Services Exam.

14. Common Mistakes in the IAS Preparation?

IAS Preparation needs to be planned in a very careful way because the IAS aspirant cannot afford a single mistake. Some mistakes are very small ones but some are blunders. The IAS aspirant should abstain from the worst mistakes as explained here.

15. Ways to beat Stress during IAS Preparation?

IAS Preparation can prove be very stressful for many aspirants and this anxiety inevitably affects their work productivity and health routine. Here, we have suggested some practical and easy mechanisms to cope with stress during UPSC Exam Preparation.

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