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Overall Preparation Strategies for UPSC | Blog

Overall Preparation Strategies for UPSC

Oct 4, 2020 - 4 min read

There is no one single strategy for the preparation. It will vary from candidate to candidate depending on one’s strengths and weaknesses. In this post, we will discuss various preparation strategies for UPSC

Study Plan 1: 

One line of study plan could be to complete one test area (out of 7) every week. So, with this strategy, one can complete seven different test areas in about seven weeks’ time period. Also, every two-three days, the aspirants should write tests pertaining to topics that has completed from that test area. For e.g, the test area of History can be divided across three parts – Ancient, Medieval and Modern. If one is planning to complete the test area of “History” in the first week, one should spend about 2 days time on Ancient History, 2 days time on Medieval and about 3 days time on Modern. After 2 days of study, one should write the test related to the “Ancient History” and similar strategy will follow for the areas well.

Study Plan 2:

Second way to prepare could be something like this. One shoulld try and focus on at least two test areas on a daily basis. On Day -1, One can study History & Polity. On Day-2, one can concentrate on Indian Economy & Geography and so on. The idea is to go through all the test areas every week. With this strategy, one will be in touch with all the areas every week.

Study Plan 3:

Third way, one can look at 2 test areas every week. For example, first week, one can focus on History and Polity (say first 3 days -History and then next 4 days -Polity). Second Week, one can focus on other two areas.

So, clearly, there is no one single plan. One should keep reviewing the plan on a weekly basis and keep checking as to what are the aspects which need to be modified.

Time duration

In terms of the time duration to be spent per day, one should give at least 6 hours on a daily basis exclusively for prelims – Paper I. With about 60 days left for the exam, one will have about a cummulative 360 hours for Paper I. Since, there are 7 test areas, a candidate has about 50 hours at disposal for each of the test areas.

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