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Preparing for competitive exams in India can be an intimidating task. Just studying hard is not enough. You need to employ a smart strategy along with a very strong will in order to crack the exam in the first go. While preparing for their competitive exams, a lot of students tend to forget a critical step of preparation, that is, the need to evaluate and improvise their competitive exam preparation. Let us see how this can be done. How can you evaluate and improve your competitive exam preparation?

How can you evaluate and improve your competitive exam preparation?

While preparing for any competitive exam, it is always important to know where you stand. A constant evaluation of your exam preparation is essential to understand if your preparation is going in the right direction.

Mock Tests and quizzes are the perfect tools for this purpose. Whether you are preparing for any competitive exam or just some of your college exams, quizzes help everyone. And if you start scoring your answers, you'd find that quizzes can be fun too. Nowadays, quizzes are used even in primary classes to help students learn with play.

Attending GK Quiz and mock tests during the preparation of any exam is totally unavoidable for the various benefits that it provides the examinees. Let us go through some of the most prominent benefits of mock tests and quizzes for competitive exam aspirants.

Benefits of Mock Tests and Quizzes for Competitive Exam Aspirants

Aspirants who have competitive exam preparation on their plate will get the following benefits if they practice mock tests and quizzes at regular intervals:

A fun way to revise

Let's accept it. Solving quizzes is a lot better than reading entire pages of the same thing again and again. So, if you've already revised a certain section of your syllabus once or twice, you can use a quiz or a mock test to make your revision stronger, faster, and even more fun.

Evaluation of preparation

When you attend a mock test or a quiz, you can check your wrong answers and identify your weakest topics, and prepare them again. A mock test can be the closest thing to your exam, only with the benefit of getting the results instantly. All your correct answers on a particular topic will depict which part of your syllabus is your strength and do not need any more focus.

Practice for the exam

if you practice a mock test in a time-constrained and disciplined environment, it could work as an exam simulator for you. You can try to control your nerves and see if your time management strategy is working. Mock tests are like pseudo-exams if you take them seriously enough. And then your final exam would not seem as much intimidating to you.

Strategy Formulation

Whatever strategy you have devised for attempting your exam, you will know if it works or not only when you solve the paper. Hence, rather than experimenting on your final exam, it is better to experiment with the help of mock tests and find the perfect exam strategy that fits your goals. The more mock tests you give, the better you become at it

Increases your speed

As you keep solving MCQs of various types in your mock tests and quizzes, your speed increases. and you are able to attend more and more answers each time. Hence, practicing question solving with the help of mock tests works well for students preparing for competitive exams


Acknowledging the importance of quizzes and mock tests, a lot of schools have now started incorporating quizzes into the curriculum of primary school children. This is good news for most of the parents. Here are the major benefits of quizzes for primary school children:

Choosing one answer out of four while solving quizzes helps the students to build decision making skills

When children read the GK questions on their own and try to solve or answer them, it builds their comprehensive skills.

• If the students are answering quizzes verbally, their listening and speaking skills are being Improvised.

• Preparing for regular quizzes and attending them consciously helps the students to gain cognitive skills.

Quizzes are essentially a problem-solving activity and make children smarter.

When students study well for good scores, it means that the scoring on these tests is making them work harder it is a sense of achievement for them. It keeps motivating them to study better.

Students attending regular quizzes are reportedly faster when answering question during a general conversation with their family, friends, or teachers. Hence, their conversational skills are also enhanced greatly

Quizzes are a fun way to test them knowledge and using the reward system, you can even encourage them to study harder for a quiz. They will be more inclined to study better if they know that scoring good marks on a quiz will get them an exciting reward.

Thus, the importance of quizzes and mock tests is pretty evident, not just for students preparing for competitive exams but also for primary school children.

A lot of people have acknowledged this fact and come up with various fun activities to help people learn with the help of quizzes and mock tests. Many websites such as GK Exam have been offering new GK mock tests and quizzes daily to help aspirants prepare various subjects for their exams. The website is built in such a way that it can be interesting even for school children or adults who are not preparing for any exam but just exploring some fun GK and science quizzes. Quizzes on various subjects in dual languages can be found on the website available for free to everyone, such as India GK Mock Test in Hindi and English, General Science Mock Test in Hindi and English, Rajasthan GK Mock Test Quiz in Hindi and English, and many more.

A good base for GK Question Answers and current affairs can be built by frequenting on such websites and apps. If you have to be on your smartphone, it is better to put it to good use rather than just wasting time on social media,

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely of the author in their private capacity, Exambazaar does not bear the responsibility for any opinions expressed herewith.

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